Flowlok PTC


Flowlok PTC is a bright white, polyurethane modified, acrylic, elastomeric coating specifically designed to form a monolithic bond with Flowlok EXP roofing membrane. With its significant amount of elongation, it can withstand any movement and weather condition. Flowlok PTC does not require accessories when faced with vulnerable seams and laps.

Flowlok PTC may also function as a standalone, UV stable surface coating for any exposed application on balconies and decks. It is a great energy saving solution, reducing the interior temperature by reflecting the suns heat. This provides building owner with LEED and energy star accreditation, and a holds a class A fired rated classification.

  • Smooth and uniform appearance
  • Protects against UV degradation
  • High reflectivity
  • Energy saving
  • High adhesion to existing asphaltic coatings
  • Seamless
Flowlok PTC