Parking Deck

Shift water worries into Park.

Parking decks take considerable abuse from repeated vehicular burden, movement, and grippage. Ordinary products fade quickly.

Flowlok’s aggregate surfacing delivers a single, seamless membrane with primer, base-coat and top-coat all in one. It shines in the most punishing traffic-bearing applications.
Our parking deck membranes keep going despite ongoing attack from:

  • Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Luggage Wheels
  • Traffic Cones & Signage
  • Inclement Weather
Flowlok Benefits for Parking Deck Projects
  • Odorless (same-day) solvent-free install meets interior applications conditions and construction timelines
  • Seamless monolithic membrane fully and permanently adheres to surface
  • High-traction surface resists slippage and improves both vehicular and pedestrian safety
  • Colored top coat (epoxy and urethane or MMA-based) provides continuous structural look
  • Extreme weather, ice, and stand water resistance offers proven long-term waterproofing solution
  • Legendary Flowlok skilled installation and technical support available
The Assembly
Parking Deck