Waterproofing That Goes Everywhere Water Does

The Most Versatile Liquid Waterproofing System In The World

100% SeamlessFlexible ApplicationUltra Durable

Waterproofing That Goes Everywhere Water Does

Conventional Waterproofing is least effective where structures are most Vulnerable:




Premium Polyurea, Performance-Perfected

Rawing on modern achievements in Polyurea and Polyurethane chemistry flowlok® Liquid Waterproofing yields Unbeatable application flexibility and project last


Cures as a single, monolithic membrane for continuous protection.

Rapid Cure

Enables return to service within one hour of application to beat construction deadline.

4 Seasons Friendly

Installation-ready across wide temperature range, enables you to install Flowlok year-around.

Multi Format

Available in spray and hand-applied formats for maximum productivity.

Fully Bonded

Flowlok becomes one with its substrate, eliminating water migration and traveling behind the membrane.

Eco Friendly

Flowlok is a low-VOC, low-odor, environmentally friendly formula protecting our planet and creates a healthy work environment.

Remains Elastomeric

Flowlok boasts up to 400% elongation, and its inherent 'give' allows structural movement and gaps concrete shrinkage.

Chemical Resistant

Exceptional lifelong resistance to erosion by fuels, fire and chemicals.

Ultra Durable

Excellent wear resistance and real-life toughness, even in heavy construction traffic.

Does It All On its Own,
Or Together

While super capable as a complete solution, Flowlok® is also formulated for backward compatibility with previously waterproofed surfaces and has excellent adhesion to most substrates in the construction industry such as concrete, wood, metal, plastic etc.

  • Walkways & Footbridges
  • Saunas & Wet Rooms
  • Decks, Balconies & Terraces
  • Roof Decks
  • Planters
  • Green "Planted" Roofs
  • Water Features
  • Industrial Tanking
  • Secondary Containment
  • Parking Decks

Flowlok® - a total for all horizontal surfaces

Roofing Assembly Configurations

A Full-Stucture Solution

Flowlok® installation is performed only by authorized, trained applicators, ensuring excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, and reducing risk of failure. When used effectively, Flowlok® envelops entire structures with an edge-to-edge, flexible, fully-adhered waterproof barrier. This whole-system approach offers contractors and architects innovative waterproofing options in all below- and above-ground use cases.

Exposed Roof Deck/Balcony

Exposed Roof Deck/Balcony

Insulated Roof

Insulated Roof

Irma Roof

Irma Roof

Green Planted Roof

Green Planted Roof

Split Slab

Split Slab

Parking Deck

Parking Deck

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