Exposed Roof Deck/Balcony

Exposed to everything but water.

Exposed roofs live with the elements, and suffer the merciless attack of sun, heat, UV rays, rain, sleet, and wind gusts, and more—all year long.

Flowlok’s membranes are the most capable and reliable solution in such conditions, with total substrate adherence and permanent resilience in the face of whatever weather.
Our exposed roof membranes never falter, even in the face of extreme conditions:

  • Continuous UV Exposure
  • Boiling & Freezing Weather
  • Rapid Temperature Change
  • Hurricane-Grade Winds
  • Snow, Ice, Hail & Sitting Water
Flowlok Benefits for Exposed Roof Deck/Balcony Projects
  • Odorless (same-day) install helps meet environmental conditions and construction timelines
  • Seamless monolithic membrane fully and permanently adheres to surface
  • Extreme weather, ice, and stand water resistance offers proven long-term waterproofing solution
  • Withstands heavy overburden to perform under HVAC machinery and tenant/ servicemen traffic
  • Maximum peace of Mind with Flowlok’s single-source warranty on full roof assembly
  • Legendary Flowlok skilled installation and technical support available
The Assembly
Exposed Roof Deck/Balcony