Green Planted Roof

How peace of mind takes root.

Green roofs bring nature’s bed up to building rooftops with irrigation and landscaping and need foolproof waterproofing to last decades.

Flowlok membranes are a strategic piece of any sustainability program. 100% seamless and monolithic, they resist rot and roots even with extensive landscaped green roof overburdens.
Our green roof membranes offer a single source warranty for assemblies of:

  • Flowlok Membrane
  • Insulation
  • Drain & Retention Mats
  • Filter Sheet
  • Growing Media & Some Plantings
Flowlok Benefits for Green Planted Roof Projects
  • Odorless (same-day) application is ideal for sensitive areas and occupied building structures
  • Seamless monolithic membrane fully and permanently adheres to surface
  • Imperviousness to biodeterioration and extreme weather offers proven long-term waterproofing
  • Withstands heavy overburden to perform under excessive loads from growing media, pavers, and more
  • Features up to 80% renewable resource content to further support green roof’s sustainability ethos
  • Legendary Flowlok skilled installation and technical support available