Split Slab

Nothing flows through the cracks.

Split slab areas are common at parking facilities, and present a particular challenge to legacy waterproofing products.

Given Flowlok’s seamless, monolithic format, our membranes are the very best way to ensure a perfect, crevice-free seal between two concrete slabs—indoors or out.
Our split slab membranes outperform all other waterproofing products across:

  • Parking Garages & Decks
  • Multi-Structure Complexes
  • Extensions to Existing Buildings
  • Foundation/Wall Lines
  • Other Concrete Fault Lines
Flowlok Benefits for Split Slab Projects
  • Odorless (same-day) install helps ensure lowest downtime during construction and/or facility use
  • Seamless monolithic membrane fully and permanently bridges surface gaps
  • Extreme weather, ice, and stand water resistance offers proven long-term waterproofing solution
  • Withstands heavy overburden to perform under excessive pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads
  • Maximum peace of mind with Flowlok’s single-source warranty on full slab assembly
  • Legendary Flowlok skilled installation and technical support available
The Assembly
Split Slab