Flowlok RM


Flowlok RM is a liquid applied, fast setting and high-performance Polyurea waterproofing membrane that is used at a wide range of decks and roofs. It is designed for commercial, industrial and manufacturing atmospheres and contains excellent chemical, abrasion and fire resistance. Due to its seamless performance, Flowlok PLRM is ideal for base flashing transitions as well as any other architectural configuration, including water features, planters etc. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for pitch pockets and roof flashings. System roofing membrane is suitable for direct application to plywood, concrete, and metal substrates. It is sprayed or hand applied in one or more passes and is insensitive to moisture.

  • Balcony / Decks
  • Irm Roofs / Terraces
  • Split slabs
  • Insulated roofs
  • Water Features
  • Parking decks
  • Exterior & Interior Pedestrian Traffic Surfaces
  • Green / Planted roofs
  • Fully bonded
  • Multi format – (hand and spray applied)
  • Seamless waterproofing membrane
  • Rapid cure
  • Non-gassing
  • Abrasion and Impact Resistant
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Elastomeric