Flowlok Geo Fabric


Tietex stitch bonded polyester fabric rolls are designed to provide support and strength to Flowlok coating applications. It has high elongation and will conform to most shapes on roof decks. Although very strong, it retains excellent stretch conformability at parapet walls, skylights, penetrations, all vertical transitions, etc. and/or at lap seams on metal panels.


Roll sizes: 10.8 squares gross
10.0 squares net applied (3” overlap)
Roll dimensions: 40” wide x 324‘ long
Weight: 22.5 lbs. per roll
Area: 1080 net sq. ft. (with 3” overlap).


Tietex Fabric is embedded into a layer of elastomeric coating, Flowlok detail membrane, 20-60 wet mils applied to desired area. Fabric must be placed into the coating without stretching the fabric over surface imperfections. Fabric is then rolled or brushed at 45º angles to eliminate any wrinkles or fish mouths. Another 8-60 wet mils of elastomeric coating is rolled or brushed over the fabric and basecoat.

Coating should be feathered out along fabric edges, so fabric is totally covered and a smooth transition of the coating to the surface is achieved.

  • Supports coatings systems wherever deck changes direction and incurs greater stress.
  • Exhibits high resistance to splitting and cracking from thermal shock, low temperatures, freeze/thaw cycles, folding, creasing and rough handling. Unlike fiberglass, it is non-irritating to the skin.
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • UV stable – unaffected by sunlight when covered with roof coatings or aggregates.
  • Performs with variety of coating systems, including acrylic, urethane, silicone, epoxy, and syntheticrubber coatings.
  • Water and rot resistant – maintains its physical properties when wet. It does not rot.
  • Dimensionally stable during humidity changes.